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Shirley Marie Bradby  
ENGLISH_FOR_YOU - #1 Online American English ESL/EFL Teacher and Personal ESL Trainer at Buddy School.com, Conversational English, TOEFL, BEC, GMAT, IELTS, TOEIC, CPE, USMLE, Translator ITA-ENG-ITA
Updated: 02-Mar-20
Listen to Shirley Marie
Currently living in: Italy
Native Language: American English
Other Languages: Fluent Italian, Spanish (B1 -B2), and scholastic French.
Provide coaching/instruction/tutoring.
- Online teaching and tutoring! +11,050 individual private lessons given to 624 students in 66 countries around the world......with 99.9% positive feedback......since 15 Jan 08! English_For_You! Contact me today! English_For_You !!! A Perfect Fit! :)
Personal website: ShirleyMarieBradby.spokenskills.com

Rehman Khan  
(Defense Language Institute-DLI books) Teaching experience of 17 years at the Strategic Missile Force School (Wadi-Al-Dawasser), Ministry of Defense.Available in Saudi Arabia till November 30. 050 246
Updated: 28-Aug-17
Listen to Rehman
Currently living in: Saudi Arabia
Native Language: other
Other Languages: English, Arabic,Urdu,Pashto
Provide coaching/instruction/tutoring.
Personal website: RehmanKhan.spokenskills.com

Liane Faccio  
ESL Teacher/Adult
Updated: 30-Mar-17
Listen to Liane
Currently living in: Brazil
Native Language: Portuguese, from Brazil
Other Languages: Spanish, basic
Provide coaching/instruction/tutoring.
Personal website: LianeFaccio.spokenskills.com

Muhammad Mooneeb ALi  
ESL teaher, Online ESL trainer, Spoken coach
Updated: 09-Jun-15
Listen to Muhammad Mooneeb
Currently living in: Pakistan
Native Language: Urdu
Other Languages: English
Provide coaching/instruction/tutoring.
- Lahore, Pakistan
Personal website: MuhammadMooneebALi.spokenskills.com

Petra Schmidt  
Business English/ General ESL Teacher (adults, young adults), Tutor, ESL Consultant
Updated: 30-May-15
Listen to Petra
Currently living in: Canada
Native Language: Canadian English
Other Languages: Knowledge of Spanish, French, Portuguese.
Provide coaching/instruction/tutoring.
- Vancouver, BC
Personal website: PetraSchmidt.spokenskills.com

Kara Kaatz  
ESL/EFL Teacher
Updated: 23-Apr-15
Listen to Kara
Currently living in: United States
Native Language: US English
Provide coaching/instruction/tutoring.
- Westminster, Arvada, Denver
Personal website: KaraKaatz.spokenskills.com

Bebe B.  
Online English / Academic Coach
Updated: 04-Nov-14
Listen to Bebe
Currently living in: United States
Native Language: English US
Other Languages: .
Provide coaching/instruction/tutoring.
Personal website: BebeBrookman.spokenskills.com

Louise Manelia  
ESL Teacher, Program Development/Coordination
Updated: 04-Sep-14
Listen to Louise
Currently living in: Canada
Native Language: English
Other Languages: Spanish
Provide coaching/instruction/tutoring.
- Vancouver, north vancouver, west vancouver, Burnaby, Delta, Coquitlam, Surrey British Columbia
Personal website: LouiseManelia.spokenskills.com

ann golub  
ESL Teacher/ Adult, online ESL trainer
Updated: 15-Aug-14
Listen to ann
Currently living in: Australia
Native Language: Russian
Other Languages: English
Provide coaching/instruction/tutoring.
- Sydney, Australia
Personal website: anngolub.spokenskills.com

Jeffrey R. Rath  
Accredited/Certified–DynamicEnergetic:SeniorBusinessExecutiveTrainer,TEFL Professional-ESP/EAP-Communications,Medical/Legal English-IT & ScientificEnglish-ForeignRelations & InterGovernmentExperience+
Updated: 12-Mar-14
Listen to Jeffrey R.
Currently living in: United States
Native Language: USA English Speaker - Native Born Californian
Other Languages: Spanish(Castilian), French and German.
Provide coaching/instruction/tutoring.
Personal website: JeffreyRath.spokenskills.com

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Displaying 1-10 of 362 records. Page  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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